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Project DOCC Houston Family Faculty

    Parent Teachers form the core of Project DOCC. Our Family Faculty have children living with disabilities and\or chronic illnesses ranging across a spectrum from chronic illnesses such as hemophilia and cancer to disabilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, rare genetic disorders, traumatic brain injury and mental retardation.

    Abby, Rutherford and
    Jackson Hime

    Each pediatric resident physician participates in a five-hour training program with three components:

Project DOCC Training components

    Each parent teacher participant will complete a training program enabling them to be well-versed in the goals and objectives of Project DOCC and will be committed to the success of the project. Parents will have the opportunity to become involved in Project DOCC in three ways:

  1. Grand Rounds Panel Presentation – one hour

    A question and answer panel presentation by Project DOCC Parent Teachers to pediatric resident physicians during their Noon Talk Lecture Series. Each panelist will be asked to interject personal experiences exemplifying the points of a moderated presentation. The teaching modality of the presentation will be both visual (slides) and anecdotal. She/He will attend rehearsal meetings to create group cohesion and unification of purpose.
  2. Home Visit – two hours

    The pediatric resident physician tours the home of a family with a child living with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses in order to experience a “day in the life” of that family.  The visit involves two Project DOCC “Parent Teachers” (the “host” Parent Teacher and another “visiting” Parent Teacher).
  3. Parent Interview - two hours

    The pediatric resident physicians have the opportunity to interview a Project DOCC Parent Teacher about the medical history and chronic care of the child. The interviewed parent will be asked to review the Chronic Illness History questionnaire and be prepared to answer it openly with the pediatric resident physician. Parent Teachers become familiar with local and national resources and will share a few "personal favorites.” The Interview may be enhanced by photos and/or other items brought from home.

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