One of the missions of Project DOCC is...

    To educate and empower families of children living with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses to become skillful family and community advocates by providing assistance, training and support.

The state services in Texas for families of children with disabilities are fragmented between three large state agencies which unfortunately lead to confusion and misinformation. The paradox for families is “How can I ask for the program if I do not know the programs exist?”

Project DOCC Houston assists families of children living with disabilities and\or chronic illnesses with information about community support and state programs through:

  • telephone support
  • presentations and trainings
  • the free Resource Guide for Parents of Children with Disabilities, Houston and Surrounding Counties – select the Resource Guide page and choose English or Spanish.

If you are a parent of a child living with chronic illness/disabilities or a professional who serves families and need assistance, contact:

Project DOCC maintains a list of several DOCC parent teachers who offer assistance to families of parents of children living with disabilities and\or chronic illnesses. Our DOCC parent teachers have children with various diagnoses of chronic illness and /or disabilities and are willing to share what we call at Project DOCC “our acquired wisdom.” Please contact Elaine Hime and she will connect you to one of our DOCC parent teachers below:

  • Caroline Daly – deaf-blind, visually impaired, multiply-impaired, special education, and Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Jody Farris – cerebral palsy and help in general
  • Alaine Hinds – deaf, blind and multidisabled, cerebral palsy and help in general
  • Barbara Knighton - cerebral palsy, visually impaired and help in general
  • Gabriella Marshall Mackin – the educatation of deaf children using oral deaf education and special education on the issue of hearing impaired
  • Gina Pepchinski – autism and special education
  • Allison Pohl R.N., B.S.N. – hemophilia
  • Lee Ann Rogers – cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and liver transplant
  • Chava White LCSW – familial dysautonomia

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