Project DOCC Houston is a non-profit organization connecting pediatric residents in Houston with Parent Teachers who give the physicians an improved understanding of what a family experiences when caring for a child living with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses.

Project DOCC Houston consists of a faculty of Parent Teachers who all care for their children living with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses.  Project DOCC coordinates a training program through which these Parent Teachers educate pediatric resident physicians at Baylor College of Medicine and The University of Texas Medical School Houston about the unique challenges associated with caring for children living with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses. Since the pediatric resident physicians already receive an extensive education, this component focuses specifically on giving them the perspective from families who manage their children’s complex needs at home and in the community with real life ecperiences that are difficult to protray in a medical textbook or hospital\office setting.

Mike and Gina Pepchinski with their son Anton

Project DOCC Houston also provides families of children living disabilities and /chronic illnesses with information about state services and community resources through peer support, presentations and trainings, and a free award winning Resource Guide for Parents of Children with Disabilities, Houston and Surrounding Areas in English and Spanish. See Assistance page and Resource Guide listed on the left.

Comment from one of our DOCC parent teacher:

    I am often approached by parents of young children with disabilities who have questions about how to find resources or help with the school system.  My experience with Project DOCC and listening to other parents stories has helped me become more aware of what is available, and what I can expect for help with my child, as well as what resources are out there for families dealing with other disabilities.  I am a stronger advocate for my daughter as well as a good resource for other parents because of this exposure. -- Meg Marchiando

Financial Support for Project DOCC at Baylor College of Medicine and Project DOCC at The University of Texas Medical School Houston is provided by The Simmons Foundation and The Hamman Foundation (Houston). Past financial support was been provided by a seed grant from the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities.

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